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W. Cleary Sean Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide

W. Cleary Sean Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide


Обзор книги W. Cleary Sean Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide. A concise and practical guide to preparing for the Canadian Securities Exam For anyone dreaming of a career in the Canadian finance industry, whether in banking, brokerage, financial planning, or mutual funds, passing the Canadian Securities Exam is the first step on the path to success. But theres a lot of material to know and almost everyone needs a helping hand. It includes «quick hits» of the key points in language thats straightforward and easy to understand. Thankfully, the Canadian Securities Exam Fast-Track Study Guide is the perfect quick-review tool covering all the basics you need to know. An ideal way to prepare for the Canadian Securities Exam, this handy guide will have you fully prepped and ready to go in no time flat. Fully updated to cover the latest topics added to the CSC curriculum, this is the perfect study guide for staying cool under pressure and getting the best score you can. An affordable, compact study guide that simply summarizes must-know information Features 400 sample questions, including multiple choice chapter review questions and two full practice exams, as well as cross-referencing to the CSC textbook Written by a professor of finance and the Director of the Master of Management in Finance program at Queens School of Business, Queens University Ideal for finance students who need a quick review of the vital information they need to pass the Canadian Securities Exam

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